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What is event insurance?

Whether you are arranging a wedding or a 50th birthday party, you may need to consider event insurance. Taken out by caterers and organisers across the UK, event insurance is a necessity to protect not only catering staff and employees but also equipment and guests or members of the public in the case of an accident happening. At you can gain swift and effective cover for a single event or multiple events over the course of the year. You don’t have to be a catering company or specialist event organiser to take out cost effective and competitive event insurance either. Event insurance is designed to protect your investment and those around you when performing any type of event, party or gathering. At you can find instant cover against a range of accidents and unforeseen circumstances on ruining your planned events. Whether you are planning a wedding, surprise birthday or anniversary party we are the professional experienced insurance providers to meet your needs. What you receive when arranging your event insurance through is total piece of mind and complete assurance that your event is covered against a variety of occurrences. Our event insurance packages are tailored to cover your event in many ways, providing a bespoke and unique insurance solution neatly packaged into one single policy. We take great care to ensure that your event is fully covered against a host of potential issues and insurable instances that can arise beyond your control. Whether you are hosting a one off performance that is open to the public or orchestrating private parties throughout the year, anyone from DJ’s, musicians, conference and exhibition organisers or individuals wishing to arrange a big party should seriously consider purchasing event insurance. Although it is often not a legal requirement, the consequences of having insufficient, substandard or no event insurance to protect you and your guests can be massive and potentially horrific. As one of the leading specialist event insurers, we have the resources to provide the best cover for you. Protect your event investment with against natural disasters such as high wind damage and flooding and gain excellent public liability cover in the event of injury to guests or members of the public. Additionally you can include extra cover such as employers liability, cover against cancellations, event equipment, the postponing of an event and more. Call the team at for more details now. When holding any sort of event where the general public will be in attendance it is essential to take out adequate insurance to protect not only yourself against litigation but also protect your employees, volunteers and equipment. The Event Insurer provides a whole host of insurance for a variety of events. Some of the most popular policies that we provide are carnival insurance, carnival insurance, children’s concert insurance, community fun day insurance, concert insurance, classical concert insurance, jazz concert insurance, folk concert insurance, conference insurance, country fair insurance along with many more. Every policy provided by The Event Insurer is backed by Ageas Insurance so you can be confident that you are receiving the appropriate amount of cover from a reliable source. We have many years experience of providing insurance, and as with all our other types of insurance any event insurance purchased from us will be inexpensive but allow you to be covered for all eventualities. All of our insurance policies can be catered to fit the scale of any event. Whether you are holding a multiday event or a single day event we can provide you with the adequate amount cover to protect you against liability. You can purchase our insurance by calling our customer service number. Each process is very simple and either will allow you to have you policy documents within minutes of taking it out. All your policy documents will be emailed to you immediately which will allow to provide proof of insurance to any relevant party. When holding an event many vendors and venue holders will not allow you to hold your event unless you provide them with proof of insurance, in today’s society when people are quick to claim for the smallest matter, it is vital for all parties to ensure that they are covered. By purchasing your event insurance policy from us you will have the peace of mind that whatever may occur you are covered. Should you be interested in any event insurance such as carnival insurance, children concert insurance, community fun day insurance, concert insurance, classical concert insurance, jazz concert insurance, folk concert insurance, conference insurance, country fair insurance or any other special event insurance that contact The Event Insurer today and we can provide you with a highly competitive low cost quote